WhatsApp Introduces Voice and Video Calling in WhatsApp Groups

In the latest beta build for both the iOS and Android, WhatsApp has increased the Group Video and Voice call Limit to 8 Participants and in this article, I am gonna talk about the same in detail.

Back in 2018, WhatsApp Launches the Group calls for Voice and Video. However, that time the feature was limited only to 4 participants. I mean right now also in the stable version, the function is limited to 4 participants. Now, the app is reportedly increasing the same functionality to support a maximum of 8 participants to join at the same time.

From the starting of this month, WhatsApp starts testing to add more participants (beyond four users) to join in a group video and voice call, as reported by WABetainfo guys. Now, in a blog post shared by the same team revealed, the actual number of participants WhatsApp limiting in their Group Voice and Video call. They said as they tested in the latest beta of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, a maximum of 8 participants now able to join in a group video and voice call. Let me again clarify you the above feature is not yet available in any of the stable releases of WhatsApp, as they spotted it in the latest WhatsApp beta build.

WhatsApp Increases Group call limite to 8 participants | Image Credits: WABetainfo

To test the same feature among a maximum of 8 parties, make sure they all have the latest build of WhatsApp beta i.e., for iOS and 2.20.133 for Android installed on their system.

How to initiate a Group Voice and Video in WhatsApp?

Now, There are two ways to initiate a group voice and video call in WhatsApp.

The first one is by opening a group and tapping on the call button, and if the group has more than 4 participants then, WhatsApp asks you to choose the other 7 participants to add in the call. However, if the group has a maximum of 4 participants, then the call initiated automatically and will add all the 4 participants in the request.

The other method to initiate a group voice and video call is; first, you have to open the Calls tab and then tap on the Call button. Now, here you can choose the New Group Call option to add the contacts you wanted in the call.

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