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While most part of the world right now is in lockdown, in between, most of us are spending a lot of time on social platforms like Facebook and Messenger. Now, In a bid to show our support to each other during the global COVID-19 crisis, Facebook has brought new Care Reactions on Facebook App and the Messenger App. These reactions going to give people the additional way to show their support to each other during this unprecedented time.

These care reactions include a brand new emoji Hugging a Heart and the other one is a Pulsating Heart Reaction. Till now, Facebook gives us 6 emotions to react on posts, comments, images, videos and other content. These 6 emotions include Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. However, In coming week you are going to see one more reaction called the Hug Reaction on Facebook Posts, Comments, Images and videos.

Messenger on the other hand has started rolling out the brand new Pulsating Heart Reaction. So, now on Messenger you can react to your friend messages by tapping and holding onto them and there you get a new Heart Reaction. You can press and hold the heart reaction to change back to the original heart anytime. Here is how, the brand new heart reaction looks in Messenger.

Back in 2016, Facebook Introduced more reactions in addition to the classic Like button the company launched while rolled out the Facebook on the web.

Facebook App Head Fidji Simo said, the most challenging part to design this new feature was figuring out the message these reactions going to convey. For that, She said, the company took feedback from a range of users from one country to another. While many users also suggested the Dislike emoji but ultimately the Hug reaction won. The Facebook App head also says, we are launching these new reaction now because a record number of users are using our platforms right now.

So, that is it for the brand new Care Reactions launching on Facebook and Messenger. Do let us know, How many of you liked these new reactions on the comment section down below.

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