Turn on speedometer google maps
Turn on speedometer google maps

Google Maps fetches several features from Waze recently. Some examples include Speed Cameras, Speed Limit, Spotting Hazards and more. Now, Google Maps has borrowed one more useful feature from Waze called the Speedometer. This feature helps you to track your speed while you drive and also helps you to avoid breaking speed limit.

Before explaining you How to enable this new option, let me first tell you that, Right now this feature is rolling out Globally. Therefore, you may not see this same feature at the same time.

How to Turn ON Speedometer in Google Maps?

To Turn ON Speedometer in Google Maps, first tap on the hamburger menu at the top left corner or Google Maps. Then, visit Settings>Navigation Settings>Speedometer.

Tapping over Speedometer option will enable or disable it.

Now, Once you enable this option, Speedometer starts showing up at the lower left bottom of Google Maps.

Android Police team has first able to locate this new option. They explain this new option is showing up in countries like India, US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and others.

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