Chrome Remote Desktop Web
Chrome Remote Desktop Web

Google has finally made Chrome Remote Desktop web version available to everyone. One can access it by navigating to this link: Well, by going to this link you could set up your computer to be remotely accessed by another device. What if you want to give support to some other computer? Well, in that case you have to go to Remote Support. This option is present right next to Remote access or you could simply follow this link:

It works like this, Suppose you want to set up your device for giving remote access to some other computer. In that case, first you have to download a chrome app from the chrome webstore. To download the app, Simply click on the Download icon you find both in Remote access and Remote Support sections. Once you download the app and install it in your Chrome browser it generates an access code. With this access code one can access your computer via Chrome.

The other party who is giving support have to feed this access code in Remote support section.

Note: With an access code one can give or take support for just one time.

This is not a new app Chrome has launched. Chrome Remote Desktop app was present in Chrome Web Store for a long. However, this time Chrome has changed the way Remote Desktop support works. For example, earlier both parties have to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. However, now, this task is initiated only by those who want to take support. On the other hand, those who are giving support requires only the access code.

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