Mi.com now Offers Next Day Delivery in 150+ Cities
Mi.com now Offers Next Day Delivery in 150+ Cities

Today, Xiaomi Global Vice President Manu Jain announce that Mi.com now offers next day delivery in 150+ cities. However, a customer have to pay an additional Rs. 49 to avail the product next day of the order. Do note that Xiaomi Next Day Delivery service falls under Express Delivery which Xiaomi Introduces last year in Bengaluru. Seems like the company has expanded the same service to more India cities that counts for a total of 150. One thing to notice here is now they leverage Rs. 49 as the shipping fee however, earlier they aren’t take any such fee. I mean in Bengaluru.

Manu also reveals a total of 90+ products fall under this shipping method. Moreover, one can avail this shipping method only when order a product before 3 PM.

Do note that, Amazon and Flipkart offering better Shipping methods in compare to Mi.com. Therefore, customers choose these e-commerce platforms over Mi.com. Of course, at last the product which get sold is of Xiaomi but the company have give some commission to these e-commerce platform. Hence, Why not enhancing their own platform to ease their customers while they place an order.

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