Book Domestic Flight Tickets via Amazon India
Book Domestic Flight Tickets via Amazon India

Beside paying their Bills, Shop Items, Recharge Smartphones, one can now book domestic flight tickets in India via Amazon. Amazon adds this service to Amazon Pay in collaboration with ClearTrip as its Travel Partner. Do note that Amazon rolled out Amazon Pay app last month that is a P2P payment service for Android Users. The benefit of booking a domestic flight ticket via Amazon Pay is one can get cashbacks. However, the cashback amount varies from Prime to Non-Prime users. Of course Prime users get more cashbacks when we compare it with Non-Prime users. However, to become Amazon Prime Member you need to enroll for it and that will cost you Rs. 129.

How much cashback one can earn if booking a Flight ticket via Amazon Pay?

According to Amazon India FAQ section, Amazon Prime members get Rs. 800 cashback if book a ticket worth less than Rs. 8000. However, for the same Non-Prime members get cashback of Rs. 400.

Similarly, If you book a ticket that falls under worth Rs. 8000 to Rs. 20000, you get Rs. 1200 as cashback if you are a prime member whereas get Rs. 800 if you are a non-prime one.

Booking a ticket above Rs. 20000 will credit a cashback of Rs. 2000 (for Prime members) and Rs. 1600 (for Non-Prime Members).

Do note that the cashbacks will credit to one’s Amazon Pay Balance in three working days from the date of booking the ticket.

At one time you can book a maximum of 9 tickets. However, if you want to book more than 9 tickets then you have to start with another session.

Since, Cleartrip is Amazon’s travel partner, booking a ticket will generate a ClearTrip ID that would be helpful if you want to contact ClearTrip customer care in case. For example, In case you won’t get your Cashback you can contact Cleartrip Customer Service via this number 9004490044. Moreover, that time they ask you to give your ClearTrip ID.

Once you book a ticket Amazon will send you the confirmation via SMS and email which also contains your PNR number.

You can download the ticket by go to your Yours Orders section.

You can book tickets by go to this link or via the Amazon Pay App which you can download from Google Play Store.

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