Amazon Pay now offers P2P Transaction via UPI
Amazon Pay now offers P2P Transaction via UPI

Amazon Pay now provides us P2P transaction via Unified Payment Interface. That means we could now send money directly from one bank account to other via Amazon Pay. Amazon has rolled out this facility for Android users.

Note that Other popular apps in India which currently facilitate this feature are Google Pay, PayTm, and Phone Pe. To send money from one bank account to other it is not compulsory that both parties have Amazon Pay installed on their phone. I mean P2P transaction could take place between any two apps that sports this feature. For example, one can send money from one bank account to other with transaction take place in between Google Pay and Amazon Pay, Amazon Pay and PayTm and so on.

To initiate a P2P transaction via Amazon Pay one can just select the contact from their phone book or entering the UPI ID or Bank Account of the 2nd party. Right now, Amazon Pay is providing Rs. 120 cashback when a user transact via UPI.

With this service, One now pay bills, monthly subscription fee for different services, rents via Amazon Pay. Back on February this year Amazon rolls out the Amazon Pay UPI app for Android users in India. Note that to utilize the UPI facility Amazon has partnered with Axis Bank which in turn provides the UPI ID to its customer. At the time of launch one can shop from, Recharge their phones, Pay bills via this App. And now with P2P transaction enabled sending money from one bank account to another instantly is easier.

Likewise other UPI App, here also your account is secured via UPI Pin, Phone PIN etc. You could link your bank account which is a one time process to use all the services effectively.

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