Google Maps SOS Alert adds Navigation Warning

Google Maps always care about our Travel Experience but now it care more for us during any natural crisis. Google Maps and Search rolls out SOS Alerts two year ago giving us alerts about any Natural crisis event in our locality. Today, Google has improved SOS Alerts by integrating and rolling out two new features in Google Maps.

The first one helps us to now get visual information about a Natural Crisis whereas the second one helps us in real time during Navigation.

Google Maps has tested both of these two features for 3 more common natural crisis throughout the world. These are Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Floods.

Now, Let me explain you about these two features in detail.

Take Flood as an example which in India is the most common natural disaster. Of course we get crisis information about such event via Websites, Social Media or the concerning official local authority. However, we still not able visualize how the flood is evolving in real time. If we able to get this information we will have a better picture of how the crisis looks like and we take decisions more clearly.

Visual Information About Natural Disasters on Google Maps

Here, Google Maps helps us to achieve this task. With Google Maps, we can now see visual information about any Natural disasters crisis in our area. See the below image to understand what I am referencing to more visual information.

Below, I have shared with you the screenshot of How Natural Disasters visual information looks in Google Maps. Note that, currently, Google Maps rolling out the support of visual information for three more common natural disasters called Earthquakes, Floods and Hurricanes.

So, this is all about How Google Maps now post us visual information about Natural Disasters. Let’s now talk about Navigation warning in Google Maps.

Google Maps Navigation Warning

The new Navigation Warning feature in Google Maps helps you to track the road that are affected due to the natural crisis. Also, it helps you find an alternative route to reach the destination you want. With the crisis card you can share your live location with your friends or family members.

As you can see in the photo above, for Michael Google Maps showing the route is affected due to Hurricane also giving him the alternate route (in blue).

So, this is all about the two new features one can now find in Google Maps about SOS alerts.

From today on, the visual information feature for Hurricane and earthquake natural crisis rollout out globally and will available in coming weeks. On the other hand, the flood crisis visual info. will soon roll out starting Patna, India.

Also, both of these two features will eventually come to Android, iOS and Google Map web version.

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