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Recently, YouTube Music has rolled out a new feature that helps you to easily switch between the Audio and Video version of a song.

However, this is possible only for those songs whose video is also available on the YouTube server. YouTube says there are approximately 5 million songs where this feature is available. That means via YouTube Music you could access both the audio and video of around 5 million songs.

For songs where both the audio and video is available, you find two separate buttons called audio and video at the top. If you click on the audio button, then the app plays the songs only with the audio with album cover or the digital art. However, if you click on the video button, the app plays the official video of the song.

Last but not the least I forgot to mention this new feature is available only for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

So, if you haven’t subscribed for either of these two I mentioned above, then you may not find this feature.

Well, Online Music streaming is quite popular these days, so as the competition between the online music streaming service provider. Moving ahead in this competition, YouTube music has rolled out some excellent features in the past like offline mixtape and local file playback. Also, YouTube Music has a comparatively extensive collection of songs. However, still, it needs some cool features to succeed some of its competitors like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

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