YouTube Music now able to play Local Music Files

On March 13, YouTube Music launched in India. I found several great features this app supports, like the collection of songs and videos it have, the app interface and more. However, one major feature that was not present in the app that time is its ability to play local music files stored in our phone.

The lack of this feature which was present in its predecessor i.e. Google Play Music pull it back from achieving greatness. I already write a post about this feature in YouTube Music in one of my post. It is not just me who write about the non-existence of this feature in YouTube Music but many other publishers also do. I think Google considers all our requests and finally adds this feature in YT Music.

Now, One can play the phone’s local music files too via YT Music. This new option is now present in the YT Music Artist section. Once you navigate to this section, here now you find two tabs called YT Music and Device Files.

In Device files section, you’ll find all your phones offline music files. However, YT Music says that you won’t able to add these music files in any of the YouTube Music Playlists or Queues. Also, not able to cast these files to another device.

Well, Playing offline music files in a music streaming app is really important because sometimes you want to play a music file that doesn’t exist on the app server.

Those of you who would like to try this app can download and install it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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