What Mark Zuckerberg Announce About Messenger on F8 2019?

In this article, we gonna talk about What Mark Zuckerberg Announce About Messenger on F8 2019? Today, At F8 annual developer conference Mark Zuckerberg talk about bringing a new privacy focused social platform. He reveals How all the Facebook products look like in coming years. Moreover, What changes they will made in their company policy to bring this new kind of Facebook products that supports privacy.

Mark starts demonstrating with Facebook Messenger and says messaging apps are the foundation for bringing privacy focused social platform. He explain Facebook developers have build a new Messenger that is the fastest, simple, reliable and secure. A New Messenger app that can beat any other leading apps sporting similar features.

How Upcoming Messenger Looks Like? Mark Talk about it on F8 2019

Mark take the reference of M4 (i.e. Messenger Version 4) which the company rolled out last year. Then, He explain that time their first goal was to make messenger looks simple. Now, they want to make messenger super fast as well as smaller in size. They call it LightSpeed Messenger that is 2X more faster and 7X more smaller than other leading apps present in the industry. Moreover, as Facebook claims it’s size will also falls under 30MB of Internal Storage. Well, This is all about the speed and simplicity feature he reveals about this new upcoming Messenger.

Upcoming Facebook Messenger LightSpeed Technology

After that, Mark finally reveal the most requested Messenger Native Desktop app that is available on both the Windows and iOS. Of course on the Browser too. By looking at the demonstration we could see that with this app one can able to chat and video chat simultaneously.

Facebook Looks forward to roll out Messenger for Windows and iOS in Native Mode

Next, he talk about Privacy and Security which is really necessary in a Messaging App. How many of you have remember and use Facebook Secret conversations feature? A feature that helps you to encrypt your messages and chats that even Facebook will not able to read it. Well, earlier secret conversation feature is present on Messenger side by side. However, now Mark reveal with the new Messenger coming this feature present in the whole app natively. That means all your conversations are by default encrypted like as you were using in secret conversations.

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