WhatsApp New Features Introduced at F8 2019

Yesterday, At F8 2019, Mark reveal about his plan of how to bring a completely privacy focused social platform. He say messaging apps are the building blocks and we have to focus more on it to complete this plan successfully. He first talk about Messenger (Which I already explained in a post) and then move on to WhatsApp.

Well, WhatsApp is already somewhat more encrypted and private in compare to Messenger. Therefore, Mark explains the company is now working on new ways to interact privately and also reveals all the new feature that are coming to WhatsApp. Our this article is all about the discussion of those features. So, let’s see What are all the new features coming to WhatsApp after f8 2019.

List of WhatsApp New Features Introduced at F8 2019

Status Ranking

Mark Discuss About WhatsApp Status Feature at F8 2019

Mark explain that the Status feature WhatsApp have is already encrypted and focused. Even the company not able to see the content a user post on his status if he chooses the appropriate option. But What next? Mark reveal they are now working on to rank status on client side. That means WhatsApp soon going to Rank Status based on the number of Interaction.

Location Being More Private

Mark Discuss About WhatsApp Location Feature at F8 2019

Well, Location data is more critical in compare to any data WhatsApp have about you. Therefore, your location data must be more private. Even, Mark confirms WhatsApp Location is that private that even the company not able to read your location data.

WhatsApp Business Product Catalogs

WhatsApp Business Product Catalogs

In upcoming days, you will see a new feature in WhatsApp Business that is called Product Catalogs. With this feature, WhatsApp Business users will able to sell their products directly and within the WhatsApp. So, you can see this feature will help those small businesses that have no time to setup an e-commerce website to sell their product online. However, this feature requires the intervention of a WhatsApp feature called Payment which we gonna talk next.

Payments Feature

WhatsApp Payments at F8 2019

This is also a type of data that must be super private and a challenging one for WhatsApp team to built it. Mark reveal they are working on Payments feature not just to make it private and secure but also easy to use. Like one can do payments on WhatsApp like sending a photo. Note that, the Payment feature is currently testing in India among millions of people and will roll out this year in several countries.

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