YouTube Music Smart Download Feature
YouTube Music Smart Download Feature

YouTube Music Smart Download Feature helps you to download upto 500 songs for offline listening. YouTube Music is one of the favorite Music streaming app available on Google Playstore.

One can analyze the popularity of this Music streaming app by merely looking at the number of users who download this app. On Google Playstore, the number of users who download this app is more than 100 million. This vast number help this app to grab the number three position in Top Free Apps category in Google Playstore.

Now, YouTube Music is popular among users because of the feature it has. Coming to the feature, YouTube Music adds one more great feature in its engine called Smart Download.

With this feature enabled, YouTube Music automatically download upto 500 songs for you for offline listening. These 500 songs contain those songs or playlist which you are frequently listening or liked.

Do note that Smart Download option replaces the Offline Mixtape option which was earlier present at the same place. With Offline Mixtape option, user can download upto 100 songs for offline listening. However, now, YouTube Music increases this count to 500 songs with the introduction of Smart Downloads.

How to Enable YouTube Music Smart Download Feature?

Turning ON Smart Download on YouTube Music is very Simple. In YouTube Music visit Settings > Library & Downloads > Smart Downloads.

Once you locate this option, you also found a slider below Smart Downloads that helps you to set the number of songs you want to download via Smart Downloads. The same slider also displays the amount of space the songs would take when YouTube Music complete downloading them.

Also, You don’t have to worry about your Mobile Data because Smart Download only download songs while your device connects with WiFi.

Those of you who look for this feature in YouTube Music Free version, let me tell you that, Offline download is part of YouTube Music Premium. Therefore, you can’t find Smart Download option in the Free version.

YouTube Music Premium comes at monthly pricing of Rs. 99 that gives you an ad-free experience and offline download feature.

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