Instagram Co-founders Resign
Instagram Co-founders Resign

According to the latest report, Instagram Co-founders Resign from the Blue Company. Instagram is one of the most engaging platforms which is under the control of Facebook. Here you found user base which varies from very large to small community. It includes celebrities to even a normal person. However, Right now it seems like Instagram has to face a very big Spontaneous decision by their Co-founders. According to a report by The New York Times, both of the Instagram co-founders resigns from Facebook in the Upcoming week. But In a recent blog post, Kevin Systrom Co-founder and CEO of Instagram reveals and clear this fact.

He says he is excited for the future of Instagram and Facebook in Upcoming years. Kevin and Mike were working on Instagram from the past 8 years while working with Facebook from the past 6 years. It is merely two years after the foundation of the company, Facebook acquires it for $1 Billion and now it has more than 1 Billion users.

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It is the work of Kevin and Mike which help Instagram to make such a large community. Even Mark Zuckerberg also make a statement that he learns so many things from both of them.

As we know earlier this year, WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum leaves the company because of the tension over user privacy and data safety. Moreover, Brian Acton another co-founder of WhatsApp already leaves the company back in September 2017.

Right now Instagram is one of the platforms left at Facebook that is neat and clean. Seems like because of Kevin and Mike. Now, it is Interesting to see how the governing authority of the platform balances its Infrastructure.

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