Reason Why WhatsApp CoFounder Plans to Leave Facebook
Reason Why WhatsApp CoFounder Plans to Leave Facebook

In this article, we are going to tell you the reason Why WhatsApp CoFounder Plans to Leave Facebook? The Billionaire WhatsApp CoFounder Jan Koum plans to leave Facebook as he explains in his facebook post.

Let me tell you WhatsApp CoFounders Jan Koum & Brian Acton sold WhatsApp to Facebook back in 2014. Both of them are former CoWorkers at Yahoo. Working at Yahoo they founded WhatsApp back in 2009. They sold it to Facebook for more than 19 Billion Dollar. Currently, more than 1.5 Billion users use WhatsApp Monthly. This makes it the Largest Messaging Application on our Planet. Moreover, Several Countries use this messaging application on a big scale. These Countries include India, Europe, Brazil & Egypt. In these Countries, People Mostly use it for Text Messaging, Voice & Video Calling as well as a Document Sharing Platform.

Reason Why WhatsApp CoFounder Plans to Leave Facebook?

The Main Reason Why Jan Koum Plans to leave Facebook is the Use of User’s Personal Data for Marketing Purpose. Facebook wants to use the personal data of normal users for Marketing. Moreover, Koum says he doesn’t build WhatsApp to use the User’s Personal Data for marketing & other purposes. According to him, WhatsApp Signifies Independence & Protection of User’s Data. We all Know-How in March Facebook allows third parties to Misuse Facebook’s data.

WhatsApp Cofounders actually believes in Privacy. Moreover, they can’t afford to fight with Facebook now because they sold it. In fact, when they sold WhatsApp to Facebook, Facebook team Assure them they will not use WhatsApp data for Facebook.

18 Months completes after Selling WhatsApp to Facebook. Then, they ask them to share the numbers of users with Facebook. Next, they ask them to share the analytics info. like which type of device & OS users use WhatsApp. Maybe soon in future, we also see advertisements on WhatsApp Who knows.

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