Top 10 Important Points about Jio Fiber Broadband Connection
Top 10 Important Points about Jio Fiber Broadband Connection

In this article, we are going to give you the Top 10 Important points about Jio Fiber Broadband Connection. Jio Fiber is one the futuristic service by its parent company Reliance. Actually, It is also an Internet connection Service by Reliance. However, this is a Wired Internet Service. As we all know, along with the wireless connection, the wired connection is also useful. There are several benefits of wireless connection whereas some drawbacks too. Same as in the case of a wired connection. The Most popular and the latest wired connection technique which is used throughout the world is Fibre Optics. In India, Fibre optics connections are present but it is not thoroughly used. The common people of India don’t use a Fiber optics Internet connection. Below we provide you the Top 10 Important points about Jio Fiber Broadband Connection.

In a Wired Network Connection, Fiber Optics has the highest speed and Reliability. Therefore, Reliance takes a step further and again want to be a champ in Wired Connection Too. So, Reliance can soon launch its new service Jio Fiber.

List of Top 10 Important Points about Jio Fiber Broadband Connection

  1. Jio fiber is a Fixed Line Broadband Service.
  2. From Back in September 2016 it is in Testing Phase.
  3. However, From May Last year, some users of some selected Cities across India use it. The cities in which Reliance Jio Fiber is in the testing phase right now are New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar etc.
  4. Reliance also offers preview plans with Free data to its FTTH users. FTTH stands for Fiber to the Home.
  5. Now, According to the latest report, Reliance gives 1.1 Terabytes of data to its FTTH users. These data are totally free to the FTTH users.
  6. Currently, Jio Fiber gives 100GB of free data per month to its FTTH users. Moreover, The FUP of this data is 100Mbps.
  7. The interesting thing is if a user consumes this 100GB of free data before the month is over. He/She can again recharge 40GB of free data in the form of Top-up.
  8. Additionally, They can freely recharge this 40GB of free data a maximum of 25 Times a month which is approximately equal to 40*25 = 1000GB.
  9. Moreover, When a user consumes its initial 100GB of free data the FUP will drop to 1Mbps. Which means that a user consumes its later 1000GB of data with the FUP of 1Mbps.
  10. Users who fall on the selected cities which we name above can get the Jio Fiber connection by depositing a security fee of Rs 4500. Jio takes this security deposit Fee for the ONT Device through which you enjoy the Intenet. However, Jio team refunds this security fee back to the user if they want to discontinue the service. To get the security fee back, the ONT device must be in a good condition.

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