100 Pieces of iPhone X Seized at Delhi Airport
100 Pieces of iPhone X Seized at Delhi Airport | PC: FreePik

Today 100 Pieces of iPhone X Seized at Delhi Airport. These iPhones were seized at one of the Popular airports of India, which is present at India’s Capital New Delhi, Indra Gandhi International Airport. The Customs department arrest a 53-Year-old man who is basically smuggling these phone. This man smuggles around 100 pieces of Apple iPhone X. If we calculate the worth of all these iPhones, then it is approximately equal to Rs 85 Lakh. Right now, Customs department seizes these iPhones under Section 110 of Indian Penal Code. However, along with the guilty person, the customs department also arrest all the passengers who travel on the same plane in which the accused person is present. Yes, they can do it by using section 104 of Indian Penal Code.

When reporters ask Custom officers about this topic they say, the matter is currently under Investigation.

This story starts when the accused person returns from Dubai. The Customs Intelligence Unit takes their place at IGI Airport as soon as they get this smuggling information. Finally, the time comes, when the plane lands at IGI Airport. When the smuggler exit from the Green Channel, the Customs Department stop him. Then, A team of officers from Customs department search him. Finally, they found 100 pieces of iPhone X whose total price is approximately equal to Rs 85 Lakh. Then, they take all the phones as well as the smuggler into their custody.

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As we all know, iPhone X is the Top Range Smartphone by Apple. Experts believe that the main reason behind the smuggling of iPhone X to India is its cost. The Cost of a 64GB variant of iPhone X in India is approximately equal to Rs 85000. Whereas, the same variant costs Rs 15000 less in Dubai, which means the cost of the same phone in Dubai is Rs 75,000.

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