Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Upcoming Facebook Dating Service

This article provides you the Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Upcoming Facebook Dating Service. As we all know Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg present an unexpected announcement about Facebook Dating Service at Facebook’s Annual Developer Conference last week. Even, the CPO of Facebook Chris Cox makes a pun on this topic. He says we get the idea to launch this feature more than a decade ago. However, we believe in timing. Maybe if we launch this upcoming feature back then, it might not be a hit.

Okay, let’s give the Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Upcoming Facebook Dating Service. We hope that all of you guys like it.

List of Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Upcoming Facebook Dating Service

  1. You can’t use the Facebook Dating Service by using your personal Facebook Profile. Moreover, to use the Facebook Dating Service, user have to create a separate dating Profile.
  2. A user can access his/her Separate Dating Profile by using his/her existing personal Profile. You can think of this Separate dating Profile like a page which you are using by accessing your personal profile.
  3. Your Dating partner will not be able to see your personal Profile until you want to. Facebook officials say they don’t want to make a separate platform for Dating Service. Of course, they have to generate leads that’s why they don’t, we think so.
  4. Facebook’s AI will choose your Dating partner according to your Interests, Location and Several other data you share on Facebook. However, one can also find their dating Partner in Facebook Events or Groups. However, the ultimate thing which Facebook AI will consider is your Interests and something in Common.
  5. Taking about the Exchange of Messages with your Dating partner, Facebook is currently building a separate messaging platform for this. You and Your Dating Partner can’t exchange the WhatsApp & Messenger Info. until both of you will not agree.
  6. Initially, The Messaging Platform of the Facebook’s Dating Service contains only text messages i.e. no Videos or Links or Photos.
  7. Facebook plans to make this service Free.
  8. You can’t even see any ads or sponsored posts on the Dating Service as the internal sources say.
  9. The Team who Built the Timeline Page of Facebook is building this Dating Service.
  10. Right Now, this service is in Testing. Moreover, User will get the Beta Phase in coming months.

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