Facebook will Launch its Marketplace Website in June 2018
Facebook will Launch its Marketplace Website in June 2018

Facebook will launch its Marketplace Website in June. This will happen at the beginning of month June. In facts, Facebook starts testing the upcoming Web e-commerce platform. As we know, With the help of WhatsApp, After making an entry in Payment Sector of Indian Market, Now Facebook enters on the huge Indian E-Commerce Market also. Moreover, In the Indian E-Commerce Market, there are basically two huge companies of which Facebook has to compete with.

Facebook will launch its Marketplace Website in June: Report

At the beginning of the month of June’18, the Giant Social Media company Facebook can launch an independent e-commerce Website. Independent means the website will not integrate into the Facebook Platform. Instead, a whole new website is designed for this. The name of this e-commerce site will be “Marketplace“. Right now Marketplace team is testing the Website. Moreover, For Marketplace facebook will develop independent tools. These tools include How a distributor can upload their products, How they can manage their stock from the Timeline etc.

Internal sources says that Facebook can also launch an independent Payment system at the end of 2018.

Interesting Things to Know about Upcoming Facebook’s Marketplace

  • Facebook confirms, Right now in the Marketplace they are working on How to show products to the consumers. Moreover, A spokesperson from the company says that “Firstly, we launch Marketplace back in November’17, but that was not developed completely”.
  • In fact, Facebook launches the Marketplace in November’17 to test & Compete with the strategy of OLX or Quikr Websites. However, here, Facebook faces a defeat there. Now, the company develops a full Independent website for Marketplace.

Experts believe till 2026, the worth of Indian E-commerce market will cross 200 Billion Dollar. Right now the worth of Indian E-Commerce market is 27 Billion Dollar.

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