Google AI Warns About Flood Alert Situation in India
Google AI Warns About Flood Alert Situation in India

Google AI Warns About Flood Alert Situation in India. Google always come forward to help the user with the technologies it has available. Now, the company also focus to help user during this kind of natural crisis in India. In June 2018 Central water commission publish a printed press release of how Google helps them in an effective flood management in India. More specifically Google releases its first flood alert warning last month in Bihar.

Google Public Alert is a system via which Google completes this task. Those of you who don’t know Google Public alert is a system which releases alert and notification before a disaster arrives. This will help us to prepare to face the natural crisis. Don’t worry you won’t Google public alert system is mix with Google Search, Google Maps and Google Now. So if you are using any one of these three you get a notification if some natural crisis is about to happen in your locality.

If you are curious about how Google Predict the place where Flood Crisis can happen, officials also explain it. Google Public Alert teach its AI System by feeding the data of the history of floods in that area, the water level data etc. Google AI then simulate that data and predict the area where the flood can come.

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