Samsung Launches Top Load Washing Machine
Samsung Launches Top Load Washing Machine

Today, Samsung Launches Top Load Washing Machine with Digital Inverter Motor. Taking about Digital Inverter Motor, it is not working on the Belt Pulley mechanism. Normally, most of the top load washing machine motor works in collaboration with Belt and Pulley. However, here it is different. Due to Digital Inverter Motor, the Power consumption is also quite low. Samsung says this new machine consumes 40% less power in comparison with other top load washing machines.

Samsung Introduces the Digital Inverter Motor technology this year. Officials from the company also claim this new technology not only improves the power efficiency but also produce less noise and vibration during washing. Beside Digital Inverter Motor technology company also bring several other popular features which they assemble in their previous washing machines model. Below we are going mention all those features.

Samsung Launches Top Load Washing Machine: Features

Active Wash+

With Samsung’s Active Wash+ technology heavily soiled cloth also scrub with ease. In this washing machine, you will find side water jet which you can easily turn on and off which a single touch button. Basically, Active Wash+ technology deals with scrubbing and soaking of cloth.

Washing Drum is of Diamond Shape

The Diamond Drum Shape of the Washing tub makes it a perfect patent for washing super dirty clothes. This drum also has a magic sink on the side panel via which it can detect the water level.

Besides these two features, it also comes with a magic dispenser that prepares the detergent solution with water. The front door is made of transparent tempered glass. Moreover, here you also get a blue premium looking LED Display.

One unique feature I find in this range of Washing Machine is the error troubleshooting via Phone. You can monitor the error occurs in your Washing Machine via a Smart App. This new machine comes in 4 capacity ranges i.e. of 6.5 Kg, 7.0 Kg, 7.5 Kg, 16.0Kg. However, its price range starts from Rs. 24,990.

Soon you can find this machine in the partner and official retail outlet and also online. More info. you will find here.

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