how to share screen on skype mobile
how to share screen on skype mobile

In this article, I’m gonna explain you to How to Share Screen on Skype Mobile? Yes you can now share your phone display screen on Skype Mobile. After months of testing this feature, it is finally out of beta now and available in stable version. Moreover, you can now find this feature in latest version of Skype for Android and iOS.

Screen Sharing is a feature that helps you to share your Phone Display with your mate on the next side of your call. This feature is now part of Skype regular version, but first you have to update your Skype App to its latest version. You can update this app by going to the respective App store of your Phone OS.

To be more specific, How you can access this new option? I have explained it below.

How to Share Screen on Skype Mobile?

Well, to share your Phone to your mate on Skype first you have to make a video call. Once you are on a video call, at the bottom of the app you find three dots. Just Tap on it and there you can find this new Screen Share option. Furthermore, Once you tap on this Screen Share option, you will then able to share your phone screen with the person on the next side of the call.

There are several benefits of this option like with this feature You can shop online along with your friend, Watch a video along with your friend and so on.

Note: Skype Screen Sharing feature is available for iOS 12 and its later version. Moreover, for Android one can find this feature in Android Marshmallow and its later version.

Skype team has made this feature public and out of Beta now. However, still some of you may not able to find it as it is rolling out globally and will soon available to you in coming days.

Right now, this Microsoft owned application has 1 Billion users worldwide. Moreover, it’s competitor still not support such unique features like it does. For example, Recently Skype rolls out calling upto 50 people simultaneously on a video call.

Well looking at the growing number of masses opting for video call, Microsoft has become serious about Skype in recent years. Let’s see What other interesting feature Skype team will feed into this app in future?

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