Amazon Spark Launched in India
Amazon Spark Launched in India | Photo Credits: Amazon

Online Social Shopping Portal Amazon Spark launched in India today. The portal offer similar features like Instagram. It tracks your behavior while you surf on the portal and recommend you products accordingly. At Amazon Spark you can meet people that have similar interests like you and from them you could gain and share experience. For example, you can ask an advice on Home decor, Running shoes and so on.

Amazon Spark gives you a Discover feature. Via Discover you can follow your Interests and also peoples who share the same interests like you. Some of popular Interests you find on Amazon Spark are Food, Technology, DIY, Home Decor, Books and so on.

Not Just finding your Interest, you can also share your Knowledgeable experience to the needy one. For example, you are great in cooking, then, you can share some of your skills to people who ask for advice on the portal. This is the two way process that makes the portal a healthy.

 Not Just Gaining and Sharing experience, Spark also recommends you products according to your behavior. For example, At most of the time on Spark you gossip about Cooking, then portal recommends you more cooking products.

Spark gives user the ability to post photos, videos and many other thing on which other user can Smile and Comment. Smile and comment are the official reactions here.

Amazon Spark Smile and Comment Option
Amazon Spark Smile and Comment Option | Image Credits: Amazon

Amazon Spark is the part of official Amazon Android and iOS App. One can find it in the Amazon App Menus Program and Feature section.

Amazon Spark is only available to Prime Members. Also make sure you have update the Amazon Android App to 14.2.1 version or higher.

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