Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Google Rolls out Google Shopping, a brand new portal by Google that aggregate products of various online shopping portals. In the portal homepage you find 4 top categories where products are listed. These categories are Tablets, E-Readers & Mobile, Electronics, Skin Care, Health & Beauty. Moreover, In all of these categories, you find two subcategories i.e. Popular on Google & Top Deals.

Note that Popular on Google Subcategory sort products according to its popularity on Google. However, this Popularity is calculated according to the number of searches for a product or a product category. Now, coming to top deals here, Google sort it from various online store portals present on the web.

Beside these 4 Categories, 10 departments are also present at the bottom of Google Shopping Homepage.

Google Shopping Departments
Google Shopping Departments

Moreover, if you do not understand which category to look for to find the product you are looking, there is a search bar at the top of Google Shopping Homepage.

Options Provided in Google Shopping Product Page

Now, In the Product page Google Shopping gives you several great options. I prepare a list of all those options below.

  • For a specific product, Google Shopping fetch all the reviews that are present on the different online shopping portal on the web.
  • The product page also list out different online stores who are selling that particular product.
  • Selecting the Free delivery option reveals which online store deliver you the product which taking delivery charges from you. However, make sure to correctly select your location of delivery.
  • Moreover, the product details are also present there, but we don’t see a full detail of product present there.
  • Google Shopping also gives user the best experience on the portal. That is why there is an option to send feedback or report a violation also present there.

If you search for a product via the search bar present at the top. The portal gives you several other filter options which you see in nearly every online shopping site.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping also shows you all the items you recently view on the portal. This makes it easy for a user to recall which items it see recently in case of mood shift for shopping.

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