Take Video Call upto 50 People Simultaneously on Skype
Take Video Call upto 50 People Simultaneously on Skype | Credits: Skype

You can now take video call upto 50 people simultaneously on Skype. Seems like your eyebrows are up now. Earlier, one can take video call upto 25 people simultaneously on Skype.

Further, now skype is the clear group video chat winner defeating the FaceTime which usually supports upto 32 participants. Moreover, this 50 person feature has been testing for beta users since march only. You can find this new feature in Skype version

Undoubtedly, we still have questions arising in our mind, what about the video quality? What about the notifications?

Now, in order to keep in check the quality with such a large number of participants, Microsoft renovated the group notifications. Previously, each and every person would receive a ring when a call is initiated. Now, after the new update, the Skype will send you a system notification instead of long calls. Moreover, you can specify which participants in the group call are actually allowed to ring you.

However, if the number of participants in the group call are lesser than 25 then, Skype will let a call initiator to to ring everyone.

In fact, you can initiate a group audio call with 50 people at once. Yes, 50 people at once. Although, you can make group audio calls with up to 50 people at once on Messenger too but not group video call.

Further, the current rival of Skype in making video calls and audio calls are Whatsapp, FaceTime and Messenger etc. Now, Skype is topping the list. Where Skype allows now 50 participants in a group video call, WhatsApp allows only four, FaceTime allows 32 and no group video calls on Messenger yet. So, now you can guess yourself that who is leading when it comes to group video and audio calls.

In fact, this feature is very handy and useful whether you’re trying to talk with your old friends, or a team status update, or making a conference call with speakers spread all over the globe.

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