Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Download Link
Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Download Link | Image Credits: Microsoft

The most awaited Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser download link leaks online on several file sharing websites and forums recently. This new edge browser is built on Chromium engine. Note that Google Chrome is also built on the same engine. Therefore you’ll find several resemblance between these two browsers. You will find a lot of functionality in this new Edge Browser similar to Google Chrome. However, to make browser more shifted towards uniqueness, Microsoft has dent and paint it in their own way. You can think of this browser as a powerpack of useful features present in Edge and Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser
Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser | Image Credits: PCBeta

Now, if you want to give this browser a try right now, you can do so by visiting the below link. Once you open this link, you have to feed an extraction code to further initiate the downloading process. Below I have also mention that extraction code. Well the credits goes to the site who first expose this browser source code.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Download Link:

Extraction Code: 4vtb

Disclaimer: We are requesting you to please do not download an unofficial software and test it in your private computer or laptops. This is because, if the software is vulnerable you can’t complain or give credit to its official developers. In my opinion, this is a complex politics of the company to test its software unofficially before its launching.

Now, Let me explain you our experience with the browser, incase you don’t want to install it in your only PC.

In short I can say, this is the browser Windows 10 users are looking for. Infact, I’m so sure that you guys will uninstall Chrome, once this browser rolls out publicly.

The first time you open the browser after , it asks you whether you want to export your passwords, settings, history from your current default browser. However, the synchronization facility is not working right now, seems like waiting for browser official launch. Next, it asks you to choose a style for your default tab page.

What I found in this browser interesting is? you can even install Chrome web store extensions in it. And it works like a charm. The browser also have an option to synchronize your chrome extensions settings. However, most of the synchronization tasks are not working right now, but it will, as soon as public roll out happens. For example, right now if you install the browser and wants to sync history, settings, passwords, extension settings etc. into the browser it isn’t available. Right now, you can only sync favorites.

The Public roll out date for the browser is not public right now. Therefore, you have to keep some patience if you wants to test this browser safely.

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