5 Cool New Features of Telegram 5.5 Mobile and 1.6.2 Desktop
5 Cool New Features of Telegram 5.5 Mobile and 1.6.2 Desktop

Let’s talk about 5 cool new features of Telegram 5.5 Mobile and 1.6.2 Desktop. Telegram has upgraded its app for both of its mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop platform. The latest version of app introduces some features that you’ll not find in any instant messaging app. We gonna talk about those features here.

People know Telegram as an instant messaging app that have serious privacy support. For example, Telegram claims they are not using users data for ads and marketing. Not supplying users data to third parties. It stores only those data that are required to manage an account from server side, Telegram says. That’s the main reason people choose Telegram over other Instant messaging app.

Okay, now is the time to talk about new feature in Telegram v5.5 and v1.6.2.

List of 5 Cool New Features of Telegram 5.5 Mobile and 1.6.2 Desktop

Telegram Extends its Unsend Feature Capability

Developers of the app expands the capability of Unsend feature. Earlier, a user can unsend a Telegram message (from his side) only under 48 hours, now this time period is infinite. Moreover, one can now unsend a message he receive and that will exhaust from senders app too.

Unclickable Forward Label

Unclickable Name in a Forwarded Message Label
Unclickable Name in a Forwarded Message Label

Suppose you send a message to one of your contacts in Telegram. Now, that contact forwards your message to some of his contacts. Now, people who receive your forwarded message have a label of your name that links back to your account. In this new version, Telegram makes your name label non-clickable so that no one can trace back to your account.

Search Inside Settings Menu

Search Inside settings menu helps you to find any settings options instantly. However, the search bar only find those settings options that are available in Telegram. Therefore, this option saves your time once you remember the exact name of Settings option. Beside that this new search bar also gives you the answers to the FAQs that are present on the Telegram Website.

GIF Preview, GIF Streaming, Emoji Search, Emoji Suggestions while Typing

In this new version, you can now preview a GIF file by tapping and holding onto it. Moreover, you could also stream a large GIF file while it downloads. Taking about the Emoji, you can now search for an emoji via a keyword. Infact, the app now suggests you relevant emoji to a text while you are typing a message for someone. Stickers pack are now available so that finding the exact one is easy.

Controlling Telegram via Voice

Telegram 5.5 has added an accessibility feature that helps you control the App via your voice. For iOS this feature name is VoiceOver, however, for Android this feature name is TalkBack.

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