add 2 Lakh Members in a Telegram Group
add 2 Lakh Members in a Telegram Group

Do you know, you can add 2 Lakh members in a Telegram Group? Telegram 5.2 is here, and if you ask me which update I like the most, my answer sticks with the expansion of Group members limit. I mean just think of it adding 2 lakh members in just a single group. We can’t compare this feature of Telegram with WhatsApp which merely supports 256 members officially.

If you look at right now, on which feature Telegram focus is shifted towards then I would say it is the Groups. Telegram introduces the concept of Supergroups 2 years ago. That time Telegram officials introduces a Supergroup can consist a maximum of 10,000 member. Furthermore, they upgrade this limit to 30,000.

But now, with the introduction of version 5.2, this limit increases more than 6 times. Beside just extending the member limit there are other improvements as well in version 5.2. Don’t worry we’ll talk all of those.

Let’s talk about other Group features improvements in version 5.2. With this new version, Admins of a Telegram group, can now block a specific file type to upload in a group. Block specific or every other member to post messages to other group members and even admin.

The other interesting feature you find in version 5.2 is concern with the data recovery. Sometimes it may happens that we delete a message history by accident. So, Telegram team now give you the option to recover it again under the next 5 Seconds. Moreover, if you not recover your messages immediately under 5 seconds then it will lost completely.

In Telegram 5.2, you can now sort contacts alphabetically or even with the last seen among the contacts. Talking about new visual updates, version 5.2 have new download animations for photos and videos.

Not just Telegram mobile, the desktop version 1.5.8 also get some sleek of updates like the group permission I mention above.

That is all with Telegram 5.2. It is available both in iOS and Android and you can download it from App Store as well as Playstore.

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