Swiftkey Automatically shifts to Incognito mode
Swiftkey Automatically shifts to Incognito mode

Swiftkey Automatically shifts to Incognito mode while user goes to type something in a sensitive field. From sensitive field we mean user id, passwords, private data like that. This update Swiftkey brings however, right now in the beta version

Suppose you are using a browser and switch to a new incognito page then, here the keyboard automatically switches to Incognito mode. Incognito mode in Keyboard app is already present for a while. Take Google’s Gboard as an example which introduces this feature back in 2017. Moreover, Swiftkey introduces this feature first back in 2016. However, What is empty in both of these two apps is the automatic switching to Incognito mode.

Now, Swiftkey beta again take a step further first, adding automatic switching to incognito mode while typing in sensitive fields.

Okay why incognito mode is important while you type in sensitive fields. Well, beside google the most data of our’s any app or tool have is the keyboard app. I am talking only about the mobile platform. Moreover, who knows, whether your keyboard app monitors and store all you data. Therefore, Incognito mode prove to be a little more useful here.

However, you can not say that no one can see your incognito data. Your Internet Service Provider can easily view the data flow given by you. Well, from nothing to something is cool.

Swiftkey automatically switches to Incognito mode when a user visit a Private Tab in Edge Browser and Telegram’s secret chats. Recently Swiftkey make the app lot faster.

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