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Do you know you can now remove bing search button from Swiftkey keyboard app and in this article, we are going to talk about the same. Microsoft introduces Bing search in its own made keyboard app “Swiftkey” last year. Via this integration you can directly search for a query on Bing. Note that Bing is a search engine like Google we use in our day to day life. Moreover, some users not uses Bing as their default search engine, their are variety of reasons for that and it depends on person to person.

Anyways, now users who don’t like this Bing search bar stick to their Swiftkey keyboard app. Now, they can remove it. This happens after Swiftkey receive a new update version i.e. You can not just remove this search button but also can shift it to some other place in the app. All you have to long tap and hold on the button to get the specific details you want.

This is all with the Bing search button, instead of it you’ll find other improvement in the latest update patch. Swiftkey claims with this update the lags on the app has now been reduced to over 50%. Therefore, you might receive some performance hike while using the app. Another bug improvement which user noticed earlier and Microsoft team has now resolved it is concerned with the Arrow button. Earlier some users are complaining that they are not able to use the arrow button in the text area. Another bug fix improvement attaches with Arabic Language layout which we skip here.

What makes the Swiftkey keyboard app so super cool is the minimal package size we got when we install it in our phone. This makes it a real smallest size keyboard app for Android. As we know, after installing an app the app files extract in our phone and allocate more space in compare to one which we see while installing it.

So, do let us know whether you are using Microsoft’s Swiftkey keyboard app or some other. You can let us know you suggestion in the comment box down below.

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