Microsoft Closes Windows 10 Mobile Updates Support
Microsoft Closes Windows 10 Mobile Updates Support

Microsoft Closes Windows 10 Mobile Updates Support from December 2019. Infact, The community already stops making Windows 10 Mobile hardware. However, they are giving support and updates. However, this will also closes from December 10, 2019. So if you are using Windows 10 Mobile OS in any of your hardware, then, its time to switch to a new one.

This info is mention on one of the FAQ section of Microsoft. Note that the last version of Windows 10 Mobile OS is 1709 which releases back in October 2017. The shut down of support and updates applies to Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile enterprise too.

Although, Windows 8.1 support and updates already closes on July 11, 2017. You can find this info on FAQ section “What is the life-cycle for Windows Mobile?”.

However, the updates for the app that are installed in your Windows 10 Mobile OS depends on the app developer. They may release a new update even after the lifecycle of Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Microsoft even recommend the user to create back up if they want to use Windows 10 Mobile OS after its lifecycle ends. They can create Backup by going to Settings>Update & security>Backup>More Options>Back Up Now.

Ofcourse your Windows 10 Mobile OS device works even after December 10, 2019, however, you can’t get any update and support from Microsoft.

To check whether your Phone supports Windows 10 Mobile OS or not, you can do so by going to Settings>System>About>More Info.

We recommend you to migrate your phone data specially your contacts to a brand new Android Phone or iOS.

Below we provide you the video via which you can transfer your contacts from Windows phone to Android and iOS.

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