Facebook Rolls out Community Actions Petition Feature Tomorrow
Facebook Rolls out Community Actions Petition Feature Tomorrow | Image Credits: Techcrunch

Facebook Community Actions Petition feature rolling out tomorrow in US. So, be with us because in this article, we’ll explain you What Facebook Community Actions is and its Petition feature?

First of all informally think in your mind, How you see, What petition is? Well I see it as a lot of people fighting for a cause against Government or any other social issue? Here social issue belongs to any category.

Note that, Facebook officials wants to make the portal a problem solving one from earlier. However, lots of people misuse it. Now, a latest post of Techcrunch says Facebook could launch community actions tomorrow.

You can think of community actions like a page or group that has its own feed. Note that In Community actions one can create Events, Fundraising, and last but not the least Petition. When one create a petition about some issue, people can show their support by clicking on the support button. The more people clicks on the support button means the more people fighting for the same cause.

Moreover, You can only see your friends face in the list of people who show their support in Community actions. Of course you’ll see the total number of people in digits who are showing their support.

One of the oldest platform that have this feature is Change.org but to show your support for the petition you need to sign up on the portal. However, Facebook has already lot of members signed in, therefore, developers here already achieve this milestone. Next, thing is just a cake walk.

See different community actions pages below to gain some insight.

Pedestrian Safety near Nebinger and Santore Library

St. Augustine Performing Arts Centre

Moratorium on New Drilling

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