WhatsApp Globally rolls out Message Forwarding Limit to 5 People

WhatsApp Globally rolls out Message Forwarding Limit to 5 People at most. Note that Facebook owned company, WhatsApp first make this feature live on India last year to curb fake news. Now, it seems like the company understand this feature importance in other regions as well. Therefore, there they make this feature now available to everyone globally.

Fake news is not just a serious headache to India only, in fact most countries suffers from this virus. Note that In India, to curb fake news via WhatsApp the company also releases video TV ads, YouTube ads, Radio ads and even newspaper ads.

WhatsApp monitors in India from about 6 months whether this feature works well or not. Guess what the result says, Users forwarding rate degrades at a greater rate in India. On July last year WhatsApp introduces message forward restriction.

Not just releasing a feature that works from users side, the company releases a Suspicious link detector feature last year. This feature quickly identifies a suspicious or spammy link as soon as one upload it on WhatsApp.

This is all about the new WhatsApp update. If you live in India, then you already tastes this feature and I have nothing to say to you.

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