WhatsApp Stable Rolling Out Picture in Picture Mode
WhatsApp Stable Rolling Out Picture in Picture Mode

WhatsApp Stable rolling out Picture in Picture Mode in version 2.18.380. Previously, this feature is available in WhatsApp Beta and finally it found a path in the stable version. Most users don’t know about Picture in Picture mode. Well, Android 8.0, API Level 26 first introduces the concept of Picture in Picture mode. It means if your Android version is below 8.0 then, you phone doesn’t support PIP Mode.

Now, coming to the point of what it is? Well it is a multi windows mode that is useful during video playback. This feature makes the video window small and pin it to one of the phone screen corner. So, that user can watch videos as well as do other works in the smartphone simultaneously. Like working on other apps as well as playing video at one of the corner of the phone.

WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode
WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode | Image Credits: ComputerGeek.pk

WhatsApp finally have PIP mode in stable version 2.18.380. So, now you can watch videos from any portal and chat on WhatsApp simultaneously. PIP mode is basically a multi-tasking feature.

Now, One more question that might arise in your mind is how to activate this feature. Well, WhatsApp doesn’t extensively provide you an option to enable this feature. Once you update your WhatsApp to the version 2.18.380, this feature automatically integrates in your WhatsApp.

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