PUBG Health Reminder Notification is actually a Bug

PUBG Health Reminder Notification is actually a Bug. Last week many Indian PUBG players get health reminder notification after 2 and 6 hours of Gameplay. The Health reminder notification looks something like this.

PUBG Health Reminder Notification
PUBG Health Reminder Notification

Above is the health reminder notification a user get when he consumes 2 hour of his Gameplay in a day. However, once a player consumes his 6 hour of Gameplay in a day, a new health reminder notification pops up. This notification says a user will able to play the game after 24 hours. Users not getting health reminder notification after 2 and 6 hours of Gameplay but some users report they get this notification in an hour of Gameplay.

PUBG Health Reminder Notification is actually a Bug: Confirmed

I already write a post about this topic. If you read that post, there I mention PUBG team has not made any official announcement about this new feature. However, now they are. They officially confirm Health Reminder Notification is actually a Bug.

As you can see in this tweet, PUBG team apologize from Indian Players about this issue and explains them they will resolve it soon. So, we can now say that PUBG health reminder notification is actually a Bug.

Not just that, PUBG team has now successfully fix this issue that limits gameplay of an Indian user for 6 hours a day. Let me again mention that this issue only happens with Indian users. Therefore, now Indian users can play PUBG without any access restriction in their Gameplay. Below I post the tweet which PUBG India post when they resolve this issue.

As you can see it is clearly written in the tweet now user can enjoy an uninterrupted version of PUBG.

How many of you have face Health Reminder Notification? Moreover, What your worst nightmare will be if PUBG officials will officially roll out this feature? Shout out in the comment section below.

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