Netflix Stop Supporting AirPlay
Netflix Stop Supporting AirPlay

Netflix Stop Supporting AirPlay due to Technical Limitation. Well, the company doesn’t reveal yet what those limitations are. They just post a line of message in one of its help center page. Let me show you what they write by giving a screenshot below.

Note that Airplay is the Apple’s own made wireless streaming protocol. It helps user to send an audio or video to other iOS device that have AirPlay receiver like Apple TV. As you can see in India, Netflix introduces a mobile only plan last month whereas also testing weekly plans. Users who opt out this plan able to stream Netflix videos on a Mobile Device only. However, An iOS user can take advantage of Airplay and can stream Netflix content even on Apple TV while enrolling on Mobile only plan. Netflix Mobile only plan provides videos streaming in SD Quality. However, you can see Netflix SD Video Quality is not that bad to stream it on a large screen. I mean it work fine.

Well, that’s totally my opinion as the company has not present any detailed official statement about shutting down this service.

Also Users who try to start AirPlay from iOS Control center not able to stream a Netflix content whereas receiving an error message.

Airplay support comes to Netflix back in Year 2013. Now, it seems like due to incompatibility of Netflix Plan with this Hardware feature (i.e Airplay), this service is shutting down.

This is all for now. Simply Understand now you can’t send a Netflix content from your iOS device to stream in on another iOS device via AirPlay.

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