Netflix Looks Forward to Introduce Weekly Plan in India
Netflix Weekly Plan India

Netflix looks Forward to Introduce Weekly Plan in India. Last month, this online video streaming service rolls out monthly mobile plan in India whose subscription cost is Rs. 250. I already cover a detail article about Netflix Mobile only plan. You should read that article. Now, they look forward to Introduce weekly plan in India as its testing is going on.

The minimum subscription cost among these new weekly plans comes at Rs. 65 whereas the maximum one goes to Rs. 200. The difference among these weekly plans are the number of device support whereas the video streaming quality.

Let’s talk about these weekly plans in detail now.

Netflix looks forward to roll out a total of 4 weekly plans whose testing is currently going on. Let me list out the details of these 4 weekly plans one by one.

Netflix Weekly Plan in India

All the Netflix Weekly Plan are further breakdown of the regular monthly plan.

Rs. 65 Plan: Rs. 65 Plan is the further breakdown of Rs. 250 mobile only plan that Netflix rolled out last month. There the feature in this plan is exactly like Rs. 250 plan but you get the subscription period for 7 days only. In this Plan, you can stream video in SD Quality in Mobile only. However, you can stream a video in one device at a time.

Rs. 125 Plan: This plan is the further breakdown of Netflix Basic Plan that comes at Rs. 500 per month. Well, In this plan too, you get SD video streaming quality however, here you could stream it in your laptop or PC as well. But again In this plan streaming is limited to only one device.

Rs. 165 Plan: A further breakdown of Netflix Standard Plan that comes at Rs. 650 per month. Here the video streaming quality is somewhat improved from the basic one. Here you could stream a video in HD quality where you can stream upto 2 devices at a time.

Different Netflix Plan India
Different Netflix Plan India

Note: All these plan are currently in Testing Phase and may not roll out in Future.

Why Netflix looks forward for a Weekly Plan?

India is a marketplace where people buy for less and buy more frequency. Take Shampoo sachet as an example which has a great market in India. You can compare Netflix Weekly Plan with a Shampoo Sachet.

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