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Netflix mobile only plan comes at Rs 250 per month in India, however right now the plan is in testing phase. That means some selected users are able to access this plan. Note that in Mobile only plan, user will able to stream content in Standard Definition Quality. Moreover, the concurrent streaming limitation is upto 1 device. Netflix Mobile only plan works seamlessly fine on Smartphones or Tablets but not on Laptops and Computers.

Of course the plan will let you watch unlimited films and TV programmes. Now as you can see in the screenshot below, beside Rs. 250 (Mobile plan), Netflix have three more existing plans. These plans are Basic, Standard,and Premium with monthly subscription price of Rs. 500, Rs. 650, and Rs. 800 respectively.

In Basic Plan, you can surf videos on your laptop and TV, however, the surfing limitation is to 1 device. Now, In Standard Plan, HD streaming is available whereas the simultaneous streaming of videos is upto 2 devices. Finally, In the Premium plan, Ultra HD streaming is also available with simultaneous streaming to a total of 4 devices.

Different Plans Netflix have right now in India
Different Plans Netflix have right now in India

These are a total of four plans Netflix currently have. Let me know in the comment section below, What do you think about this Plan. Well if you ask my opinion, Netflix always have costly plans. Take Hotstar or Amazon as an example. On one hand where Hotstar Premium Subscription is available at Rs. 199 per month whereas on the other hand Amazon Prime Subscription will charge you Rs. 129 per month. Moreover, Hotstar recently unveils a VIP Plan in India that costs Rs. 365 a year. I know most of you points on the content they contain and in that part of course Netflix is the King.

Some other grown up rivals of Netflix in India are Zee5, Alt Balaji. Zee5 monthly pricing is Rs. 99 whereas Alt Balaji monthly pricing is Rs. 100.

Disclaimer: Netflix officials confirms Economic Times they are testing these plans to some users in India. May be they will not roll out this plan commercially to all users.

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