Netflix Rs 199 Mobile Only Plan India

Today, Netflix launches a cheaper mobile-only plan in India that cost merely Rs 199 and is valid for a month. Well, users choosing this plan able to watch Netflix videos in a single device at a time that can either be Smartphone or Tablet running iOS or Android.

Talking about the video quality here you get Standard Definition video that counts to a 480p resolution which is perfectly fine if watching a video on Smartphone or Tablet.

Well, from earlier this month information is coming that Netflix may roll out a cheaper mobile-only plan in India. Finally, Netflix come up with a Mobile Only plan that comes at $2.88 only.

If you remember back in March this year, Netflix launches a mobile-only plan in India that comes at Rs 250. With Rs 250 plan, Netflix thought they able to acquire a broad base of users in India. However, it seems like the cost is too high, and they’ll not be able to acquire the desired number of users. Therefore, Netflix degrades the same plan value to Rs 199.

Netflix Rs 199 Mobile Only Plan
Netflix Rs 199 Mobile Only Plan

Beside introducing Rs 199 Mobile-only plan, Netflix also decreases the subscription cost of its other plans that include Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Netflix Basic, Standard, and Premium Plan now comes at a monthly subscription cost of Rs 499, Rs 649 and Rs 799 respectively.

Netflix is also testing weekly plan in India, which I have already covered in one of my articles.

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