how chrome protects saved passwords
how chrome protects saved passwords

Google Chrome is one of the best browser out there on the web as it sports a ton of useful features and day by day including more of them. Although Chrome sports a lot of useful feature, however, today we gonna talk about the password protection support it have.

Most of us who are using the Chrome Browser must aware of the password saving feature it have, but did you know that Chrome not just save your password but also protect it with different kind of web attacks. Take Phishing as an example, Chrome gives us predictive phishing protection. If an attacker send you a web page and try to trick you to enter your Google account password there, Chrome gonna warn you about that.

Also Google Chrome have a real time Phishing protection enabled with Chrome version 79. Those of you who don’t know, Google has a portal called Safe Browsing that analyses an ever growing list of sites everyday. Safe Browsing detects unsafe sites on the web and shares the same information with Chrome. Hence, when a user visit an unsafe site, Chrome warns the user about the site is unsafe. Google says with Safe Browsing they protect 4 billion devices everyday.

Now looking forward to the password protection feature Chrome have, there is a site called, that lists all your saved password of Chrome (or your Google account). The same site also have an option called Check Passwords that helps you to find the Compromised passwords, weak passwords and used passwords in your saved password.

With Chrome 79, the browser now warns a user when entering a compromised password on some site. Earlier, to find a compromised password (in our saved password) we have to visit like as I explained your above.

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