How to Export Google Chrome Passwords to CSV File
A Simple Guide to Export Google Chrome Passwords to CSV File

In this article, we are going to explain to you to How to Export Google Chrome Passwords to CSV File? With more than 1 Billion Users, Chrome needs some proper customization so that we increase our productivity. If we talk about Chrome features there are definitely some great features which only Chrome Provides. But there exist some feature also which Chrome Developers must renovate. One Such Feature is Google Chrome Passwords.

Importance of Google Chrome Passwords Feature

In our day to day routine, when we Browse the Internet, we come across some websites where we have to create an account. During the creation of an account, we create a User ID as well as a password. Now, the hectic part is to remember these two little things. Of course, it’s a hard one because many of us create some difficult passwords. Here, Google Chrome Passwords Saving feature comes handy for all of us.

How does Google Chrome Password Saving Feature work?

Fist of all Chrome is a browser which in turn is an application, which is developed by Google. So, it is a kind of Service which Google gives to the user to ease the process of Internet Surfing. Therefore, Just like Chrome, Google also has a service i.e. This is actually a subdomain of Google which manages all the passwords of all the users who has a Google Account. At this website, you can save your User ID & Passwords. Next time when you visit the Respective site, the auto sign-in feature let you automatically sign-in to that site without entering your Credentials.

Moreover, Google assembles this password management service by default in Chrome. Because of which the overall experience of all the Chrome Users improves.

How to Export Google Chrome Passwords to CSV File? Guide

To export Google Chrome Passwords to CSV File follow the steps given below:

Note: Before following the Procedures given below, make sure you update your Chrome Browser. This Feature works only in Chrome Version 66 and Later. Moreover, You can update Your Browser by directly following this link: chrome://settings/help

  1. First Sign into your Google account for which you want to export your passwords.
  2. Click on the Three Vertical dot present on the Top Right Corner of the Browser.
  3. Here Open the Settings Menu. In the “Search Settings” form field, type Passwords.
  4. Open Manage Passwords Menu, which is present at the Bottom.
  5. Now, Click on the Three Vertical dot Present next to the “Saved Password” option. Take the Reference of Image above.
  6. Here, You get the option of Export Passwords, again you get a prompt of it.
  7. Finally, Save the Chrome Passwords.CSV File to your desired location.
Export Password Option in Chrome
Export Password Option in Chrome | A Guide on How to Export Google Chrome Passwords to CSV File

Importance of Generating a Local CSV file which contains all your Passwords

Sometimes we forgot the User ID or Password or Both of the Google account in which we save all of our passwords for different websites. In that case, this local CSV file will prove to be a life savior for us. Of course, we regenerate the password for that Google Account using Forgot Password option. However, it is not the case here. We are talking about Personalization and ease of effort.


Generating a local CSV File which contains all of your passwords also prove to be a very dangerous thing. Since the file contains all of your passwords you must store it in a safe place which must not be publicly accessible.

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