best websites for upsc preparation 2018
best websites for upsc preparation 2018

In this article, we are giving you Top 5 Best Websites for UPSC Preparation in India 2019. As we know, E-learning changes the way of Education in every corner of World. Moreover, The Information present on different online sources changes every day. Today we can find many great news sites which build our General day to day Knowledge. However, when it comes to an IAS Aspirant, the quality of Preparation material is very Important. Therefore, Here we are going to Give you Top 5 best websites for UPSC Preparation in India 2019.

List of Top 5 Best Websites for UPSC Preparation

Here we are giving you Top 5 Best websites for UPSC Preparation but you can also find your own. We also give you the technique by which you can easily identify a site to include in your list.

  • Open a site and read at least 5 articles from there, prepare a summary of that article. Analyse whether you learn something new from there or not. If you learn something new, Include it in your list.
  • For IAS site, Focus mainly on news websites or social Blog sites like
  • Include Good Discussion Forum sites on your list also.

Okay, these are quite a few tips which if you follow you can get a sufficient number of sites for your civil services preparation. Now, Below we present you our list.

1. YouTube

We list youtube at the top because it is a great free visual source for your preparation. There are several channels on Youtube which you have to List out. Some examples of the Channels are UNA Academy, The Lallantop etc. There are also some channels which concentrates on the issue around the world.

2. NDTV India

NDTV is one of the best sources on Television, Print Media, and Digital Media. The articles present on NDTV site is also Quite useful because it argues about a topic point to point. They have both the versions of there site in Hindi & in English.

3. Satyawaadi

This site is quite new on the Internet, but here you find quality articles about several topics which relate to social issues. In fact, this site is also run by our team. Visit this site and you definitely include it in your list.

4. Indian Express

Several Paid Media on Internet but In our opinion, it gives you the True Picture.

5. ANI

This site has the fastest rate of news updates in our country. In our opinion, it also doesn’t belong to paid Media. Therefore, here you won’t find a diluted article.

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