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Gmail is a great platform for sending and receiving emails not just because it is free but it sports some of the great features in the most simplistic way. Take attachment facility as an example.

Till now, Gmail gives us the facility to attach photos, videos, and documents in an email. But In an update rolled out yesterday, users can now attach an email to an email. Sounds cool, Isn’t it?

Attaching emails in an email makes the conversation more interactive as it let us help to archive different emails in an email without downloading it first.

This new facility going to prove helpful especially for support messages where you have to give insight about the earlier conversation to a new person.

Now, coming forward let me explain you How this facility going to work?

How to attach an email to an email in Gmail and How it works?

First and foremost, When you attach an email to an email the attached email becomes an .eml file. Receiver when click on this .eml file, it opens in a new window. Don’t worry as most of the browsers these days are supporting .eml file as it is merely a text file or in depth it is a MIME HTML file. One can even open a .eml file in Notepad.

Now, let me explain you How to attach an email to an email in Gmail.

There are two ways to attach an email to an email in Gmail.

The first one is start composing an email and in between select the emails you want to attach. Then drag and drop those emails in the composed email and you see those emails as an attachment. Here is a screenshot of How you can do so.


The second method is select the emails you want to send as an attachment. Then, Right click on it and there you see an option called forward as an attachment. Once you click on that option, you see a new email compose tap opened and the selected emails are present there as an attachment.

In a blog post by Gmail team, they revealed the rapid release of this feature starts on December 9, 2019 and the complete roll out takes place till January 6, 2020.

One more thing I would like to mention is, this feature is enabled by default. That means there isn’t any option present to turn it ON or OFF.

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