Google Chrome 90 HTTPS at first

Today, Google has rolled out the 78th edition of their hand made browser called Chrome. This new edition brings a plethora of features for normal users, designers, and developers and in this article, we are going to talk about only the important ones. So without wasting any time let’s start.

Placing Cross-Platform Calls

Back in August this year in version 77, Chrome Developers attach a feature that helps us to shares webpages across different devices supporting Chrome. Now, based on that feature, Chrome developers made one more feature that helps you to place a call across different devices supporting Chrome. That means in Chrome 78, we could initiate a call with our phone via our Chrome web browser. As of now, this feature is present in the documentation of Chrome 78 but it is going to roll out gradually. So, sit tight to avail it.

Tab Overlay

Another Feature I found Interesting in Chrome 78 is the popup bubble overlay for the tabs in Chrome. I already explained this feature in one of my earlier posts. I suggest you read it.

Cross-Platform Clipboard Sharing

While browsing the web via Chrome on Desktop, many times we encounter situations to send clipboards to our Android device. Well, Chrome 78 attaches a new option for cross-platform Clipboard sharing. Again this feature is also going to roll out gradually, however, present in Chrome 78 documentation.

Note: Google has explained that all its Cross-Platform sharing feature is end-to-end encrypted, therefore, a user doesn’t have to worry about any data bend in between. One more thing I would like to mention is to use any of the Cross-Platform sharing features, make sure you have enabled the sync option in Chrome as well as signed in both the devices via the same Google account.

Forced Dark Mode for Website

The last one I found interesting rendering web content to use a dark theme. Again this feature is present in Chrome 78 documentation but is experimental right now. That means one can enable this feature by tweaking Chrome Flags. All you have to do is type and enter chrome://flags in your Chrome Browser URL and then search for the option called Force Dark Mode for Web Content. Now, All you have to do is set this option enabled to see all websites running in your browser in dark mode.

So, that is it. These are all set of features I found interesting in Chrome 78. If you found any other, don’t be shy to let us know in the comments down below.

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