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Easily Send Web Page Google Chrome

In a recent server-side update, Google Chrome for Desktop has brought a new feature that helps you to easily send web page in the Google Chrome across different devices.

As I have already pointed out this new option is a server-side update that means even if you have updated your browser to the latest version then also you may not see this option right now in your browser. But sit tight because sooner or later it will prompt in your browser.

Now coming to this new option, you can locate it on the Contextual Menu every time you right-click on any link or web page on your Chrome Browser. To gain some insight into this feature from other references, you can think of it as Clipboard Sharing in Chrome across different devices.

Taking an example, Suppose you have Google Chrome installed on your Desktop as well as on your Smartphone. Now, if you want to send any web page or a link to your phone instantly from your browser, you can easily do it via this new option. However, make sure you are using the Chrome Browser in both of your Desktop and Smartphone via the same Google Account. Also, make sure you have enabled the Chrome Notification in your Smartphone.

Now, sending a web page is quite easy via this option all you have to do is right-click on a web page or a link and click on the option as I have shown you in the screenshot below.

As soon as you click on the send link to the device name option, your desktop browser prompts a notification about sending the link or web page to the particular device.

On the next phase, you get the notification (that contains the link of the web page) on your receiving device.

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