Follow Topics Twitter
Follow Topics Twitter

This Tuesday at a press event in San Francisco, Microblogging website Twitter announced a new feature that will help you to follow topics on Twitter, just like you follow a person. Well, officials haven’t cleared What they mean by Topics, but I think they are point about Trending Hashtags. So, With this feature on users will able to follow hashtags in which they are truly interested.

Now coming to the other part, Topic curations are handled by Machine Learning. Moreover, Machine Learning suggest those Topics more that will get the most engaging tweets from different accounts. Once the user follow a topic, they start getting tweets and live events posted under it.

Right now Twitter has limited this feature for few niches like sports event like MMA and Formula 1. However, soon they bring this feature for more topics in coming days.

Similar to following Topics, you could also unfollow or mute it to avoid spoilers from niches like Movies or TV Shows. You could also create a seperate timeline (called list) where you could sort tweets that only belongs to the topics you follow. This way your primary timeline won’t get affected by the combination of Topics and Accounts you follow.

Giving my comment on this feature, I think it’s a great one and that will Newcomers on Twitter to get relevant tweets and accounts to follow. What do you think, Let me know in the comment section below.

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