One can now Use Google News in Two Languages

Yes, you heard it right, Google news has got bilingual support that means now we can set two languages at the same time on Google News. Earlier, we have the facility to choose only one language. For example, In India, most of us read news and article in Hindi; however, we also consider reading articles on English. So, here we are, with this new update, we can now read articles on both the languages simultaneously at a time. All we have to choose a language as the primary one then choose another language as the secondary one.

However, do note that the app displays more news and articles for the language we choose as primary in compare with the language we choose as secondary.

Right now, this new update is available across 141 countries for 41 languages.

To set two languages in Google News, open the app and then navigate to Settings > Languages & Regions of Interest, and there you could choose two languages.

Also, you could set a language primary or secondary by opening the overflow menu present there.

Google News Brings Bilingual Support

Why Google News Brings Bilingual Support in the App?

Well, In an analysis, the Google News team found that 60% of people globally read the news in two or more than two languages. So, this data prompts them to insert this feature into the app.

One thing I forgot to mention is this new update is available in both versions of Google News i.e., For Android and iOS.

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