Google Maps New Features Explore For You Offers Tab

Today, Google Maps India adds a plethora of new features in the App. However, you can access all these features under the hood of three primary Tabs in the App called Explore Tab, For You Tab and Offers.

Before explaining to you How to access these tabs in Google Maps, let me explain about them in detail first.

So, let’s start with the Explore Tab.

Explore Tab

The Explore tab contains a bunch of one tap features like ATMs (for finding the ATMs near you), Restaurants (for finding the restaurants near you), Petrol, Hotels, Shopping Centers and more.

In the Explore tab, there is a flora of one tap options, but on screen, you get quick access to only 7 of them. Google Maps sorts these 7 quick one-tap options via Machine Learning, and it varies from one region to another.

For You Tab

The For You Tab gives you suggestions about trending places, personal recommendations tailored to your interest from Google Maps again via Machine Learning. Google Maps machine learning always monitors your interaction with places to generate suggestions for you in the For You Tab.

Offers Tab

Last but not least, the offer tab helps you to know about all the offers your local places are giving to their customers. This way, you save some money. The offer could be in any form like a promo code, discount, giveaway. Initially, Google Maps partners with EazyDiner to populate offer tab but in coming days it surely gains more partners.

How to access these new features in Google Maps?

Starting Today, all the features mentioned above are available for sure to Indians. However, first, make sure to update your App. Once you update your Google Maps app, you easily spot these features at the places like as I show you in the screenshot below.

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