Agent Smith Android Malware
Agent Smith Android Malware

Security research firm Check Point finds a new Malware called Agent Smith that is anonymously infecting around 25 million Android devices globally. Among these 25 million Android devices, 15 million are only from India.

So, you can see the country which is most affected by this malware is India. However, it doesn’t mean other countries are not affected. Following India countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, the UK, Australia, and the US are also affected by this malware.

How many of you have seen the famous movie The Matrix? Those of you who have seen this movie knows, in the movie Agent Smith is a character who can transform himself into other characters present in the movie. Agent Smith Android Malware resembles the same property. This malware creates a fake copy of the original Android app and replaces the original app with the fake one. Frightening isn’t it.

Check Point says the primary source from where this malware spread across the web is third-party app stores like 9apps. However, at the time of writing this article, Check Point and Google collaboratively work to destroy all this malware completely. Therefore, you may not find this malware affecting you right now, but it was in the past may be.

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