Android Device to secure Google Accounts in iOS Devices
Android Device to secure Google Accounts in iOS Devices

You can now use your Android Device to secure your Google Account in iOS Devices.

Back in May this year, At Cloud Next 2019, Google Introduces a new way to secure Google Account.

One can use his/her Android Smartphone as a key to log in to his/her Google Account.

That time the company rolls out this secure login method for Chrome OS, MacOS and Windows 10 Devices.

The Big G has now extended the same feature to iOS Devices. One can now use his/her Android device as a key to log in to his/her Google Account present on iOS devices.

The implementation of this feature in the iOS device is, however, different.

On Windows OS, Chrome OS, and macOS, Google uses Chrome Browser a medium between Android Phone and the particular device.

However, now in the iOS device, Google users, Google’s Smart Lock App as a medium.

How to enable your Android Phone as a security key to sign in to your Google Account on iOS Devices?

First, you have to enroll for 2FA for the same Google Account where you want to activate this service.

Once you visit the link I mentioned above, Click on Get Started > Authenticate your Phone number > Turn ON > Add Security Key > Select Your Phone Here.

That’s it! You have added your Android Phone as a Two Factor Authenticator you the respective Google Account.

The next step is to test this feature on your iOS device.

Make sure Bluetooth is Turned ON in both of your devices (i.e., Android Phone and the iOS device where you are signing in your Google Account).

Now, In your iOS device, Sign in to your Google Account using Google Smart Lock app.

Once you attempt to sign in, you get a notification in your Android Phone.

Follow the instruction available there to verify your sign in to the Google Account in your iOS device.

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